Hello 👋
I am an senior fullstack developer (JavaScript oriented).
I also know how to manage an IT project, and create basic designs.

I am ending a 1-year long mission with Shotgun, and is looking for my next mission.



Shotgun - 2020/2021, 14 months - as a freelance

With React-Native, React, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bridgefy, Google Cloud Functions, SQLite, Express.js, JavaScript

Shotgun is an online ticketing platform for live music events. They also provide tools for event creators to help them manage their business.

Main work

  • I've created the bluetooth P2P communication protocol, that synchronizes scanned tickets (and other data) between scanning devices
  • I was a major element in reworking the Shotgun Scan application, to write code and improve user experience


I started my work with Shotgun with a presentation website for a big, french, techno music festival (Château Perché).

I worked for a few months on the platform provided to event creators, to help them with handling their business - with React, Apollo and other technologies.

I then had to do the rework of the Shotgun Scan application, which is provided to event creators, to scan tickets QR code at event entrances. This application is special in that it works fully offline, and synchronize scanned tickets between nearby devices through Bluetooth. With React Native, and Bridgefy, as a bluetooth communication library.


I worked with the Shotgun team when I had to work on the platform provided to event creators.

I worked with a designer for Château Perché's website, and I partially worked with 1 other freelance to develop Shotgun Scan application. I worked directly with Lucas, Shotgun's CTO, that worked on Shotgun Scan as a project manager.


Ilyes did a great job at Shotgun, managing the development of a mobile application, and developing most of it. He has a very good technical skillset, is very conscientious and product-oriented. He quickly apprehended our business challenges and delivered a reliable and performant result.

I'm very happy of our collaboration and would not hesitate to work with him in the future!

Konbini - 2019, 5 months - as a freelance

With Next.js, WordPress, PWA, React, Varnish Cache

Konbini is a fun-news website. 5 million users visit their website each month.

Main work

  • Ads projects management, in particular a new video ad format that works with a generic VAST tag
  • Developped the new desktop homepage, with a new infinite articles feed
  • Full re-writing of the mobile homepage, aiming for performance, which is a swiper showing recent articles
  • Global performance improvements of the website, for example thanks to a 50% total codebase size reduction


After Konbini started evolving their website into a Progressive Web App, the codebase suffered an important technical debt, et the user experience suffered many bugs/glitches.

During my contract, I had the flexible role of project manager/lead developper. My first goal was to refactor the codebase, remove bugs, improve the user experience and code the new homepase (which was an infinite article feed).

I also managed some projects, concerning improving ads on the website (defining needs, planning, executing), re-wrote the mobile homepage (a swiper), and improved the website global performances (code size was reduced by 50%).


I worked with 1 product manager, 1 internal developper and 1 external developper (from an agency and working remotely).

I directly communicated with the ads team so I could fix bugs, gather their needs, and create new ads formats.


Ilyes has worked as a fullstack developer to refactor the code of Konbini website. He is diligent and confident. I worked closely with him to integrate thoroughly the ad technology stack. He has impressed me with his ability to pick things very quickly. He has gained in-depth experience working with the ad tag library (Google Publisher Tag) for Google Ad Manager (GAM) and ad tech integration with GDPR.

Laurence Colombie

Senior Advertising Manager

Château Perché - 2020, 0 month - as a freelance

With Gatsby, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Château Perché is a techno music festival gathering 5 000 to 10 000 people.


I integrated a design made by a Shotgun designer. I made the animations.


I worked with 1 designer.

Spendesk - 2016/2017, 10 months - as an employee

With Node.js, React, React-Native, iOS/Swift, Android/Java, GraphQL, Relay, Webpack

Spendesk is a company card and a platform to manage professional expenses.

Main work

  • Major implication in technical choices. Delivery of new features, fullstack, with React, Redux, and Node.js
  • Initial development of the mobile application on iOS and Android, with React Native, GraphQL and Relay
  • 9th employee, the company grew to 23 employees within 10 months


I developed the initial development of the mobile application, in parallel on iOS and Android.

I worked on improving the platform in its entirety, more precisely: the development of new features alone or in collaboration with another developer, maintenance through the resolution of bugs, improvement of the technical aspects of the platform (performance, cleanliness of the code).


I first worked in a small product team: 1 product manager, and 2 other developers (including 1 lead). Through frequent recruitments, the team has steadily grown to become inclusive of a product leader, 4 developers (including 1 lead), 1 UX Designer and 1 Data Scientist.

I also frequently exchanged directly with the sales team or customer support on specific issues.


Ilyes has the gift of perfectly combining creativity and pragmatism!

I had the opportunity to work closely with him for 10 months at Spendesk, during which he participated successfully in many projects. In particular, he was fully responsible for the development and maintenance of our React Native mobile application and laid the foundation for our new GraphQL API.

Ilyes impressed me with his strong adaptability and his ability to put in place global, simple and effective solutions to solve complicated issues. He has always demonstrated autonomy and has been suggesting solutions on each project entrusted to him.

His technical expertise and his good mood are real assets in a team!

Guilhem Bellion

CTO at Spendesk

HabX - 2018/2019, 9 months - as a freelance and as an employee

With React, Apollo, GraphQL, AWS, Message queues, Redux, Webpack, Node.js

Habx sells apartments off-plan, and tailored.

Main work

  • Redesign of the home customization form
  • Landing pages creation (99/100 Google PageSpeed)
  • Price indexing crawler of French real estate projects
  • In-house CRM, fullstack développement, third-party services integration (e.g.: Aircall, Twilio)
  • Tooling libraries helping generic AWS SQS/SNS development


I had an individual and flexible role at Habx.

First freelance, I realized indiviual work: the re-writing of the housing configuration form, the landing pages, and the development of a french real estate prices crawler.

As an employee, I helped to develop the internal CRM. In particular, I was responsible for the software integration with other third-party SaaS (Aircall, Helpscout, Twilio, Calendly).

I always helped with the main website development (bugfix, new features).


I first worked within a small team of 3 developers and 1 lead developer. With time, the team grew, to be sized of 10 developers and 1 IT VP when I left.

Within this time, the company grew from 20 people to more than 50 people.

I worked with Trello, then JIRA, to realize the development tasks that got assigned to me by a product manager ; but not only. Habx was proud of an horizontal communication, and I was also communicating directly with the IT VP, the marketing, communication, or architect team, and was, sometimes, thinking my own tasks.


Ilyes has a strong will, and the gift of changing complicated issues into simple ones. He perfectly masters the most advanced technologies in Javascript (GraphQL, Relay, React, etc.) and knows how to adapt quickly to his environment.

At Habx, we trusted Ilyes for the design of the landing pages that he was able to achieve brilliantly.

Guillaume Badi

Product owner at Habx

dailymotion - 2017, 4 months - as an employee

With React, Redux, Webpack

Dailymotion is a video-sharing platform.

Main work

  • Unit development of front-end components (specifications, tests)
  • Strict process of quality assurance


I was involved in the development of a new Dailymotion product.

I was responsible for the development of front-end components. My job included writing unit tests, and followed a strict hierarchical validation process.


I worked in a team of 5 front-end developers. The whole project involved more than 20 full-time developers.

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